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FEARLESS, we challenge you to be fearless,.. chase the dreams of your heart, set goals to accomplish what you want to achieve, be joyful, have hope, and faith in yourself. Dream of what may seem impossible,.. and do it. Laugh, have vision, be courageous, believe in yourself, YES you can achieve miracles,. we want to encourage everyone to be FEARLESS and strive no matter what blocks you, no matter what your diagnosis might be, no matter what is in your way,.. be fearless and achieve what's in your heart! Get one of our shirts, hoodies, bags, to show your support for our FEARLESS CAMPAIGN and with your order we will help send kids with a life threatening diagnosis or disabilities to help them achieve their dreams!

Our goal was to open a camp and park for kids battling devastating diseases. There are so many kids in our state that need the support of a village to help them overcome the trials they face,.. and together we can help. Kids deserve to have fun and adventures and we will help them!    Golden Key camp and park will be a year-round facility for kids that are battling a monster, cancer. Golden Key Camp and Park will be a place where they can go and just be a kid, not labeled a child with a diagnosis. The concept is a year-round facility with cabins, community buildings, lots of nature, fun and laughter... Everything a camp experience should be and we are now in the planning stages with our first builds, including the trail, the event courtyard, the first playground, and the community building! Often kids get the opportunity to go to a camp once a year at a program while they're battling their diagnoses but it's usually a certain week program and if they can't make it then they miss out of a lot of fun that they really need. Our facility will be convenient for the families, available when they can visit 365 and they can come anytime they are able to. 

The name "Golden Key" was chosen because we believe in the golden rule, we believe the key to life is fulfilling your purpose, we believe in trying to live with JOY each day in spite of obtacles,  and we believe we each need to help each other as a village to reach goals,.. we believe we all can be "GOALED"    And Gold is a color to represent the true treasure of our children. This project will remind us all to it achieve our dreams.. to be "FEARLESS!" We Believe this project will inspire and motivate others to succeed as they listen to testimonies and experiences from people that have reached goals, and we believe it will raise awareness of our goals for our park and helpij g kids reach their "GOALED" We hope you will participate!

 To wake the inner vision, prosper and conquer life! This campaign will be focused on accomplishing goals, staying motivated, BE FEARLESS AND SEEK ADVENTURES, Living life to the fullest, inspiring ourselves, others, and achieving what we have in our heart and soul for a year long of inspiration! 

Please contact us at 313-363-8610 for more info  Auction items, raffle items contact us or kindly mail to: Golden Key Camp 3613 M 30 Gladwin, Mi 48624 contact at 313-363-8610 or email  

We are still hopeful you would be willing to donate to our cause. We are nonprofit 501c3 Michigan charity Golden Key 27-3277570


Life is short we need to set goals and reach them and dream.  Through our charity we hope to help kids believe in themselves and fight the disease, but also set and reach their goals.  I'm asking  for your help.



To donate mail to: Golden Key Camp, 3613 M30 Gladwin, Mi 48624

Online, please go to    



Download the app GIVELIFY search Golden Key, Taylor, MI    

A donation of $110 will BUY A "VILLAGE BRICK"

GET "GOALED!" What's your GOAL?  Contact 313-363-8610 for more info. Thank you for making a difference!  

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